Classic oil painting studio offers an ideal place where you can buy top, museum quality, 100% hand-painted oil painting reproductions of a favourite, rare piece of art, or if you’re looking to turn a photograph into an original painting, here is one of the best gallery of that category. We do not sell prints or canvas transfers. All our paintings are actual hand-painted from A to Z on quality canvas with finest oil paints for long lasting.
Founded by Madam Olga Kournikova, a Russian businesswoman, daughter of a business oligarch, who has a deep love for Fine Art, antiques and now is managing some her companies in Vietnam, Thailand... and some Vietnamese artists in 2008, the website has been quickly become one of the most visited Art websites.
She has bought and collected many works of art around the world, especially from Asian artists for years. That is why our collection here, with an online catalogue of more than 1900 pieces of oil paintings (update frequently), is not the largest, but has a big difference from other art websites because of its many rare works of art, for example in erotic, romantic paintings and Vietnamese paintings. She creates this website in wish to promote her art works to the art lovers, to enrich our lives as well as to support the local artists world-wide.
As you will see, we do not upload Van Gogh, Monet, Raphael, Rubens works,... for so many other companies reproduce it. We have many other valuable paintings for you that will definitely make you happy and satisfied.

Always Maintaining The Highest Level of Quality

Reproducing a well-known piece of art requires time, resources, equipment and most of all, a talented, well-trained artist. We are a team of strictly selected artists. They are young, energetic, passionate,... who have, on average, at least 10 years of experience and they all have university degrees in fine arts. Of course, not all high degree artists are excellent reproduction artists, so that we have selected them individually. As we have many artists, we let a specialist monitors the quality. All our works are prepared and painted directly, carefully detail-by-detail, color-by-color in order to preserve the sentiment, spirit of the original, in our atelier. Normally, the work will be completed within 10 – 20 working day (mon - sat), including drying stage. This investment in time and attention to detail make our paintings truly one of the best products.

After completion, the painting goes through the drying stage as a normal oil on canvas painting would. We feel very happy every time we provide you the best quality reproduction paintings and our success, reputation depends on your recommendation. That is why quality is always the most important point for our team. We do not have middle-man, we do not buy and re-sell from other producers. You will get your custom ordered work directly to your home from our studio, that guarantees you the best price possible.


However, some competitive web sites can take our photos to make copies, so that we have to have uploaded small, low resolution images to protect the Copyright. If you want to see the art work in big picture, please feel free to contact us !

Our Mision

Our mission is to provide our art collectors, companies, art lovers all over the world with the best quality, genuine hand-made artworks on canvas, crafted by the best reproduction artists in the world at affordable price. Wishing you great art discovery in our website.