Commission art the easy way

There is nothing that quite compares to having a real hand painted artwork hanging in your home. Paintings tell a story and convey a vibrancy that straight forward photographic prints never can. To commission a portrait with us is both affordable and simple. Send us your photo, tell us the size of the painting and any further notes and our experienced artists take care of the rest. To learn more about how to commission artwork why not read our photo to painting "how-to" page.

Custom portrait painting is our speciality and our most popular painting choice. Portraits make a great present for parents, grandparents, animal lovers or simply the house proud. We can help advise you on how to get the best from your photo and even which photo to use if you have several in mind. If you would like us to look at your image/s before you order simply email them to us using the details found on our contact page

We can work from old black and white original photos or high resolution digital photo files to produce your "photo to oil painting" artwork. Just as long as there is enough detail in the photo for us to paint from our artists will be able to capture the original feel of the photo. You can find out more about choosing the perfect photo for your painting here

Pet paintings especially dog portraits and cat portraits work very well as oil paintings. The fine detail of their fur when painted and the shine of the oils for the eyes really brings life to the composition. We have specialist pet portrait artists who focus on this specific portrait style to give the very best results time after time. See some pet portrait examples in our painting gallery page


If you are looking for a way to capture the true essence of love and unity, then you have come to the right place with a beautiful family portrait. A family portrait is truly the perfect way to hold onto an amazing memory for many years to come. It will be a keepsake within your family and will be the cornerstone of love exemplified within a beautiful, high quality portrait. 

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A breathtaking self portrait painting captures special moments of your life and is a unique and beautiful work of art that will enhance any room in your home or office. Make yourself and your loved ones the most fantastic gift. Send us a photo of yourself, and our professional portrait artists will turn it into an incredible self portrait painting.

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A wedding day is one of, if not the most important day of an individual’s life. The day is full of many fun times and emotional moments, and it is important to capture these feelings and sentiments as best as possible. This is why a wedding portrait is such a wonderful keepsake for any couple.

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Scenery and Houses

Perfectly executed oil paintings are a great way to decorate any home or office. What better way to turn a photo of a landscape or house into a beautiful oil portrait for everyone to admire.  Each landscape or house painting is 100% handmade and created to museum standard. You will not be disappointed with a piece of beautiful artwork on the wall that is truly original. 

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Couples and Friends

Special moments in your life with friends or a partner are priceless, now you can have the most beautiful work of art transformed from your photos into the finest handmade oil painting.  Storing digital photos or prints of photos, is easy to do, of course, but consider the impact of owning and constantly seeing the perfect oil painting on canvas positioned proudly, in your living room or hallway!

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 What better gift for that special car, motorbike or yacht in your life than with a vehicle painting. You are sure to make anyone happy with a perfectly executed painting of a wonderfully beautiful prized vehicle. Each vehicle painting is true to form and you simply need to send us a photo of the vehicle that you wish to have painted and you will soon receive a gorgeous vehicle painting coming straight to your door! 

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Photo Restoration

There has been many times where we have come across photos of old family members or something that reminds us of our past. Unfortunately, most of these photos are very old and discolored and it is sometimes very difficult to see the true beauty of the image.Now you do not have to worry about this as we make photo restoration an art with an outstanding oil portrait. You may even wish to turn an old black and white photo into color, all of this is possible.

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If you are looking to give the most spectacular gift ever, then you have certainly come to the right place - what better way to celebrate love and companionship than with a pet portrait painting? You can be sure that the gift you are giving is both sentimental and timeless, which furthermore suggests your act of giving is a show of immense love and thoughtfulness - the receiving person cannot fail to be impressed and humbled by your gesture and gift.

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One of the few great luxuries in life is to hold onto memories and cherished keepsakes of our children that we can keep forever. It is very special to be able to be taken back to a time in our lives with photos and to actually hold on to this special moment for a lifetime. At Portrait Painting we offer as a gift the opportunity to have a child portrait. The outcome is both spectacular and definitely a breathtaking memento that you can keep in your family for generations.

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